Volkher Hofmann

I’ll use the language we always conversed in since 1994. Dominique was a „Renaissance Man“ in the best sense of the word and my best friend for the past 28 years. He was a deeply dedicated teacher, who loved his students and working with and for them, he was widely-studied, a bon vivant in the most positive sense of the term, a man who had seen the world, spoke many languages and knew more than entire groups of people combined, a man of incredibly diverse talents, someone who could make friends more easily than any person I have ever encountered and, last but not least, the most pleasant, fundamentally decent and positive human being I have ever had the fortune of meeting in my life.

We still had lots of plans for the future, but, alas, I will have to put those on hold until I meet up with him again in any of the possible afterlives we often talked – and also qipped – about.

I will miss him every single minute until then.